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Scary Sights & Spooky Sounds: Pond5 Media Perfect for Halloween


Halloween is on the way, and while we’re putting the finishing touches on our costumes, we’re getting inspiration from a bevy of talented Pond5 artists. From spooky sounds to devilish designs, these creators have our curators binging on candy and sleeping with the lights on.

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Featured video artist

Longtime contributor Lightleak has a tremendous gift for creative visual content. As a copywriter and designer, he’s worked on numerous award-winning campaigns, which is reflected in the level of detail and meticulous grading in his portfolio.

Owl Prepares for Flight in a Snow Storm by Lightleak

Bat Hanging Upside Down by Lightleak

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Featured illustrations artist

Lightsense creates images that combine made-you-look-twice realistic style and great ideas. His collection covers any and every theme you might be looking for, including these creepy little treasures.

Monster Eye by Lightsense

Bed Bug Fear by Lightsense

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Featured SFX artist

We couldn’t be happier to have Sounddogs’ extensive collection onboard at this time of year. Their library brings sounds from Uruguay, Saipan, Prague, Kazakhstan, Chilean racetracks, and even the LA morgue. Check out some of their coldest, most bone-chilling sounds.

Coroner – Los Angeles Morgue Hum by Sounddogs

Religious Choir – Lutheral Singing Service by Sounddogs

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Featured collection
Template Treats: After Effects

Want to celebrate Halloween, but avoid relying on too many pumpkins and witches? Have a look at our collection of creepy and mysterious templates, featuring dancing skeletons, flat-design skulls, and eerie forests.

Skeleton Dance Party by Motionarray

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Top image: Detail from Spooky Halloween Template by motionarray