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Politics as Unusual: Election Collection 2016


People just can’t get enough of this lively and unpredictable election season. In fact, Variety reports YouTube users watched over 140 million videos related to the bizarre Wednesday night debate between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her Republican opponent Donald Trump. Sure, the unfortunate rush we get from watching an impending train wreck accounts for some of the ‘yuge ratings this year, but it’s also easier to consume election coverage than ever before.

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This is the first election in which new media has surpassed traditional channels with many new platforms Americans can turn to for news. More content is being produced and the demand for political footage and imagery is higher than ever. This year we spotted Pond5 clips in a number of campaign ads, news reports, and even on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Pond5 even hosted it’s own epic intergalactic election. But for the one happening here on Earth, we combed through our extensive library to bring you a curated collection that best represents the 2016 presidential election and the issues at the heart of this heated contest.

Young Black Woman And Older Black Male Voting In A Booth by Burlingham

Love Trumps Hate Sign by Demeterandrew

Hillary Clinton – St. Louis Rally – Union Speech by DiarioDigitalUSA
Graffiti with the political slogan "Refugees Welcome"
Refugees Welcome by lucidwaters
Hispanic Man Holding American Flag
Hispanic Man Holding American Flag by blendimages
Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump addresses Supporters
Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump Addresses Supporters by GinosPhotos
Check out our curated collection of political footage on Pond5 below, then dive in to a library of more than 34,000 politics-themed media here.

Political Collection

Top image: Box Full of Vote Buttons by Badboo