Quick and Painless Halloween Graphics


Ok, so here’s an unpopular opinion: Halloween is not that important. You’ve probably just lifted your head from a ten day marathon of video editing or a neverending session of airbrushing your model’s lady moustache and there it was – end of October. Right there in your calendar, with Halloween as a grim dark reminder of your social obligations . Its sneakiness is a part of its spooky spirit.

Thankfully we’re here to show you how easy it can be to whip up bunch of Halloween graphics by obtaining a couple of files from our illustration collection (and consequentially win the title of the local Party God).

First concept is based on the Mexican counterpart of Halloween festivities – Día de los Muertos. Using these clean flat-design friendly sugar skulls by RedKoala combined with her mexican tribal elements (to be found here or here) in a vivid colour scheme we’ve created a collection of print items that will make everyone crave a cerveza

(And if you’re feeling ambitious you can even print out your own beer labels. Because that’s what aspiring party gods do.)

   mexican-sugar-skull-icons-set-on-black-bg FOR BLOG   aztec-pattern-10 FOR BLOG 

Download the illustrations used on these graphics by clicking on them above.

If you’d rather jump on the bandwagon of horrible D-movie parties there’s always enough cinema-themed graphics to pick from: we took a couple of chalkboard hand-drawn elements by Olia_Fedorovsky, threw in some film-themed banners by Macrovector and finished it all off with a bit of cartoon blood (we’ve masterfully extracted ours from this file by Lineartestpilot). And just so you really have everything you need, here are some blackboard texture backgrounds.


And for the times when you can’t quite spend the night watching 100ft tall arachnids spit acid on the nation’s favourite landmarks because it’s not the most children-friendly cinema: kids’ party ideas! We love Voysla’s Halloween themed graphics because they’re not too childish but still playful, and easy to customize, too. Voysla’s Halloween party poster even comes with an extra set of numbers for all your non-October-31st party needs. You rebel.

P.S. Our PSD collection is coming soon, so you too will be able to slap your graphic design experiments onto shiny mock-up photographs and show off in no time!