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Slam Dunk: A Curated Basketball Collection


We haven’t even made it through the World Series and it’s already time for tip-off. The 71st NBA season started strong on Tuesday with last year’s NBA champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ tilt with Pond5’s home team, The NY Knicks. We’ve got 80 more games to make up for that dismal performance.

Basketball may not be America’s pastime, but we’d argue it’s the most visually inspiring. Players move with a style and grace seen in no other sport. From finger rolls to half-court shots, iconic players put their creative spin on fadeaways, bullet passes and alley-oops. Basketball is one of the world’s most popular and widely viewed sports, and that’s why this year, one NBA game a week will be streamed in VR.

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With basketball fever on the rise, we thought it would a good time to highlight some of our favorite footage and photos of the game. From street photography to HFR footage, our basketball collection covers the full gamut of creative possibility.

Basketball Player Spinning The Ball by icsnaps

Basketball Players Playing Ball at Night by Wundervisuals

Overhead Angle Of Two People Playing Basketball Outside by Activestock

Wheelchair Basketball by ianm35

Women Playing Professional Basketball
Women Playing Professional Basketball by tetraimages

Old Basketball Hoop
Old Basketball Hoop by stevanovicigor

Male Basketball Player Throwing Ball
Male Basketball Player Throwing Ball by imagesource

Old Basketballs
Old Basketballs With Vintage Effect by jannoon028

Check out our fully curated basketball collection on Pond5 below, then dive in to a library of more than 20,000 basketball-themed media here.

Basketball Collection

Top image: Hand of Basketball Player Holding Ball by JacobLund