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Contributor Tips: Soundscapes, Coloring Books, and Changes


If you’re a composer, photographer, illustrator, or AE template designer and you’re wondering what to create, we’ve got you covered! Our tips for this month include ambient drones (music tracks, not UAVs), coloring books, before-and-after images, and — you knew it — Christmas. Read on for inspiration!

If you shoot video, we have something more sophisticated for you: We created three creative shoot briefs for November, which can guide you in your next shoots, so be sure to head that way! Looking for even more ideas? Check out our shoot briefs from October, as well.

Music: Ambient Soundscapes

Ambient drones can convey a full range of emotions, while acting as more of a “blank canvas” than other genres. Harness some synth pads or play around with guitar and bass distortion to create soundscapes that evoke all manners of depth and scope, light and darkness.

Elegant Drone (Wp) 01 Mt (Ambient, Atmospheric, Dramatic, Abstract, Dark, Creepy) by williamlpearson

We’re no longer looking for :30 and under trance or EDM loops, as we’ve got plenty of these (they’re not huge sellers either)!

Epic Trance Loop by Psydentical

After Effects: Holiday Season

Christmas and New Year’s are just around the corner — and we only have a few templates for these themes. We definitely need more!

Beautiful Christmas Greetings Opener by ambition

Urban glitch style templates look great, but we’re already saturated with various takes on this style, so try to avoid submitting more. Thanks for all the submissions!

Urban Glitch Slideshow by RockRobin

Photos: Before and After

Benjamin Franklin said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” And he was right. Everything and everyone changes. Capture the change with your images. Create shots “before” and “after”: weight loss, facelift, happy and sad, seasons of the year. The fewer differences aside from the main one, the better.

Young Man Smile Before And After Teeth Whitening
Young Man Smiling Before and After Teeth Whitening by GooDween

Many companies copyright the design of their products — for example, Apple, Lego, Amazon Kindle, Garmin, etc. — so images of such products are unacceptable for commercial use, even if the logos were scrubbed. We can sell those images under the Editorial license; however, once something is marked as editorial, the sale potential becomes much lower. So, be careful when you take photographs in your office, outside, or in your kids’ nursery!

Close-Up Hand Using Laptop Working in Office
Close-Up Hand Using Laptop in Office by Blackzheep

Illustrations: Cool and Calm

This fall must have been really stressful because we are seeing a surge in sales of coloring templates — these often come in the popular tribal, Zentanglesque style, but we’d love to see your own spin on them, feeling your personal style from this type of artwork.

Graffiti Seamless Pattern For Adult Coloring Book
Graffiti Seamless Pattern For Adult Coloring Book by Yurlick

If you feel like making something colorful instead, we recommend trying out a watercolor pattern. And as we’re slowly transiting into winter, one way of standing out in the crowd is to step away from floral themes — find inspiration in icy crystals, wintertime celebrations, and cold color schemes.

Blue Gems Watercolor Pattern
Blue Gems Watercolor Pattern by kisikoida

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Top image: Woman Drawing in Coloring Book by JacobLund