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How to Shoot Clips So Creepy That Even You Will Be Scared


How to make a video really, really creepy? Does it need more blood? Our contributor Mark Holmberg aka Ironstrike explains that it’s all about psychology (and not that much about blood). He works with the element of surprise, sudden movement or high-pitched sounds. You probably know all these things from horror blockbusters and Mark will tell you why we are afraid of them and how to use them when shooting your own horror content.

Even if you’re not planning to shoot the next Ring or some clips of creepy clowns with axes for Pond5, watch this interview. But not too late at night. You’re going to have quite a problem forgetting these three minutes today.

If there was a clip in the video that creeped you out so much that you’d like to buy it, you’ll find it in Ironstrike’s portfolio.

Scary weird clown. Evil. Video by Ironstrike.