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After Effects Video Tutorial: Split and Slide


Learn how to create an organic split and slide effect in this After Effects video tutorial.

As a motion graphics designer one of your biggest challenges is creating visual interest that engages people, even if the content is boring. Sure you can use fancy graphics, interesting people on-screen or even great music, but the following video tutorial shows us how to create a simple effect that can add visual interest in only a few simple steps. The end result looks something like this:

Split and Slide Demo

This effect dubbed spilt and slide is a great way to engage your audience when a still talking head won’t do the trick. The tutorial covers a variety of techniques including:

  • Pre-Composing
  • Mattes
  • Parenting
  • Smooth Animation Curves

This is also a low-key version of our Glamour After Effects template here on RocketStock. If you’re trying to get this effect you might consider checking it out.

This video was first shared by AE expert Evan Abrams. Thanks for sharing Evan!

Update: it looks like Evan Abrams has since taken this video private, but be sure to reach out to him on social media for the original video!