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Take a Breath: Pond5 Artists Playing with the Element of Air


There’s a chill descending in many parts of the world — a daily reminder of the invisible elements that surround us all. Whether it’s looking down from above or feeling the space in a piece of music, these artists are giving form to the intangible and providing our curators with a breath of fresh air.

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Featured video artist

Ever wonder what it’s like to fly? Do you dream of seeing the world from above? Soar through the skies over coasts, cities, and mountains as you experience the magic that is ZenStratus’ collection of beautiful footage.

Aerial Drone View Flying Over The Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco by ZenStratus

Aerial View Of Harbour And Lighthouse At Sunset In Santa Cruz, California by ZenStratus

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Featured music artist

SoundPhenomenon creates gorgeous ambient tracks that maintain a light and airy quality. His music evokes feeling and introspection, while simultaneously providing an ethereal sense of hope.

Sci-Fi Ambient 5 – Solar Drift by SoundPhenomenon

Spiritual Choir by SoundPhenomenon

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Featured photo artist

German agency ImageBROKER is one of our biggest photo contributors, with a portfolio of 240,000 images by more than 700 contributors. Discover magnificent images of nature and animals from above, and all other angles.

Morning Over the Tsaris Mountains by imageBROKER

Shadow of a Hot-Air Balloon Between Railway Tracks by imageBROKER

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Featured collection
Collection: Air, the Element

What is the role that air plays in the creation of high-quality visuals? Whether it’s bubbles of air from underwater or moments captured in flight from above, see all the ways air can enhance footage in our visual collection.

Lightweight Toy Kite Flying Outdoors by Spotmatik

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Top image: Colorful Kites by Tungphoto