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Healthy Choices: Pond5 Artists with a Focus on Fitness


It’s January, the month of bold resolutions, full gyms, salads, and non-alcoholic drinks — before it all falls apart a month later. Don’t give up, though! Healthy lifestyles are a big trend, and these artists are all keeping us motivated to stick to our goals.

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Featured video artist
Aila Images

Aila Images’ Bevan Goldswain is all about self-growth and healthy living. The play of sunshine on the shoulders of a kickboxer or the symmetric composition of a yoga class are the kinds of details that make his portfolio full of life.

Kickboxing Woman Training Punching Bag In Fitness Studio by Aila Images

Athletic Running Fitness Woman In Urban City by Aila Images

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Featured illustration artist

January isn’t just the time of the year’s most Crossfit signups (and dropouts), but also a good point to dust off that old language textbook or learn a new creative skill. Macrovector’s work reflects that with a focus on both body and mind.

Older People Cartoon Concept by Macrovector

Brain – Right and Left Sides Cartoon Poster by Macrovector

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Featured photo artist
Blend Images

Welcome in the new year with a dazzling array of perspectives from Blend Images. The US-based agency celebrates diversity with its vast collection of authentic imagery, where inspiration for keeping fit abounds.

Gardener Laying in Wheelbarrow in Garden by Blend Images

Woman in Wetsuit on Beach by Blend Images

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Featured collection
Collection: Healthy resolutions

Only eight percent of people keep their new year’s resolutions. Need more motivation to really start exercising and eating healthy? Have a look at our collection of healthy-lifestyle clips and find the drive you’re looking for.

Senior Stretching Arm With Leg On Railing by Pressmaster

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Top image: Women Practicing Yoga on the Beach by Blend Images