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Introducing Featured Collections: Farm to Screen, Smart Startups, and More


Finding the right clip for your project can take time. To help streamline your search for amazing media, we’re introducing new featured collections, including fantastic footage by some of our favorite artists. Each one revolves around a different theme, so you can tell a more complete story and develop bigger ideas. You can find these and more collections on the new Pond5 homepage, and we’ll be adding more regularly, so check back often!

Best of 2016

Let’s look back at 2016 one last time and see which videos sold the most over the course of the year. Many of them are also among our best-selling clips of all time! There’s a lot of technology and science, current affairs, and the color blue.

Astronaut Spacewalking, Working on International Space Station by MovingImages

Man Wearing Glasses, Face Portrait by blvdone

Statue of Liberty at Night, Aerial Shot by VIAFilms

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Smart Startups

Feed off the fast-paced, passionate energy of startup culture with this collection of footage from the modern workplace. Meet the new generation of businesspeople, far from the boring grey suits of old.

Young Graphic Designer Working on a Digital Drawing Tablet by Gorodenkoff

Business Colleagues Playing Ping Pong in a Modern Office by fsuffert

Portrait of Female Creative Director, Colleagues in Background by paul_prescott

Feel the rush of fresh ideas with our Smart Startups collection  »

Farm to Screen


The omnipresent green and brown, with white sheep grazing, golden fields of wheat, red fruit, blue sky — that’s the color palette you’ll find in our collection celebrating organic farming, agriculture, and domestic animals.

Aerial Over a Huge Almond Orchard in California at Sunset by RickRay

Families Visiting a Community Farm, Woman With Daughter Petting Cute Goat by hotelfoxtrot

Young Adult Hand Feeling Field of Barley at Sunset by dmbaker

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