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10 Awesome After Effects Secrets


Think you know everything about After Effects? Here are 10 AE tricks to up your motion graphics game.

[Above image from CreativeLive]

After Effects is an incredibly deep program. Just when you think you’ve learned everything there is to know, a tutorial will come along and show you how to do something new. For instance, did you know you can convert edges to masks with keyframes?

In the video tutorial above, discover a few lesser-known After Effects tricks or ‘secrets’, courtesy of Matt Jylkka from Mt. Mograph. Notable and interesting information covered in the tutorial includes:

  • Purging Disk Cache
  • Creating Masks From Shapes
  • Unique Warp Stabilizer Settings
  • Adding Comments and Markers
  • Exporting Render Reports
  • Setting Guides

This video tutorial comes as a sequel to Matt’s 6 Secrets of After Effects video. If you haven’t seen that tutorial already check it out on the Mt. Mograph YouTube channel.

There’s always a lot more to learn in After Effects. If you want to go on AE adventure, check out a few of these resources: