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Pond5 Launches Global Partner Program with Adobe Stock Integration


At Pond5, we’re committed to finding new ways to generate revenue for our contributors with a consistently artist-friendly approach. With that in mind, we recently launched our Global Partner Program — an exciting initiative to distribute our artists’ work to hand-selected resellers and new high-volume customers around the world.

We’re now thrilled to announce that the first of these partners is Adobe, the industry-leader in creative desktop and mobile apps. Starting today, a selection of video clips from the Pond5 collection will be available through Adobe Stock, making our artists’ work available to a whole new market of video-production and editing professionals at a premium price.

The selection of Pond5 media available through Adobe will potentially expand to include millions of video assets, allowing our artists to reach exponentially more potential buyers than ever before. Of course, as always, Pond5 artists will continue to receive 50 percent of all revenue Pond5 generates from this collaboration.

As with other recent initiatives, this program is a continuation of our commitment to putting our artists first — and we’re just getting started. As the Pond5 collection grows on Adobe Stock, we’ll also be launching with more international partners, creating more revenue-generating opportunities for our contributors with every step.

Participating artists will benefit from:

  • One-click upload to multiple marketplaces around the world. As new partners are rolled out, your content will be further promoted.
  • Revenue share virtually equivalent to submitting directly to our partners, without the hassle of duplicate submissions.
  • Access to special Pond5 marketing slots and promotions.
  • The ability to earn additional royalties from sales of extra indemnity and additional user seats sold in conjunction with your work.
  • Have questions? For more on the Pond5 Global Partner Program, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, click here.