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How to Realistically Replace Digital Screens in Mocha and After Effects


Discover an After Effects compositing technique that will make your simulated screens look totally believable.

One of the best ways to make a simulated screen look real is to have hand reflections appear on top of the simulated screen. The result is a more natural simulated screen that looks much better than simply a keyed out green screen.

The tutorial above demonstrates how to create a better simulated screen using Mocha and After Effects. The tutorial covers:

  • Drawing Splines
  • Creating Garbage Map
  • Setting Corner Pins
  • Importing Tracking Data Into After Effects
  • Creating Depth Mattes
  • Animating Screen Movement

This tutorial uses a unique plug-in called MochaImport+. Using the plug-in, you can import more tracking data than that native to AE. The price for the plug-in is $49 but you can download a free trial from aescripts.

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