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The Key to More Sales: Target Multiple Audiences


How do you create a bestselling clip? This question is inarguably the most frequently asked question by our artists. Obviously, there’s more to creating successful clips beyond exotic locations and the latest 4K cameras — an often overlooked detail when an artist is planning a shoot is how to tailor each shot to attract a variety of unique buyers.

Know Your Audience

It’s crucial that you understand your audience inside and out. Keep this in mind before creating your next shoot brief. Your clients represent a variety of industries and businesses, which include hospitals, pharmaceutical products, insurance companies, banking and finance firms, investment and retirement services, utility companies, travel and leisure networks, credit card companies, telecommunication companies, entertainment networks, retail stores, internet providers, tech firms… the list goes on and on. The more industries that you can subtly target with a single shot, the more likely you are to end up with a bestselling clip.

Mature Couple Walk on Beach by sframe

You may be flirting with the idea of producing a lifestyle beach shoot soon, since summer is only a few a months away. Usually, our inclination is to cast young and attractive actors playing volleyball, sunbathing and engaging in other leisure activities. This concept is a very popular travel theme and proven to be very successful, but I suggest that you diversify the age of your cast by adding a mature couple. Cast actors who resonate with a specific demographic and who possess the potential to tap into more than just one industry.

By simply adding a mature couple holding hands while strolling along the beach at sunset you have targeted buyers in industries that include travel, retirement services, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare, and banking and investment firms. Applying this method in other ways will lend a wider breadth to your collection and improve the chances of your work being purchased by customers in more than just one or two industries.

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Steer Clear of Confusion

On the other hand, you don’t want to overwhelm your audience by cramming too many concepts or actions into a scene. If this happens, the actors will appear to be forcing the action and, in turn, creating a mood that’s highly unrealistic. The example of the mature couple on the beach is a good rule to follow. Keep in mind that a simple shot doesn’t necessarily mean that shot is simplistic — your audience is more than capable of picking up on what appears to be a subtle theme, but layered with strong concepts, very quickly. Having a variety of concepts that translate into real moments is the trick to reaching a broad audience in a single shot.

Man Scratching His Head in Confusion by camrocker

Do you have questions about targeting your audience for your videos? Let us know in the comments below!

Top image: Woman with Bow and Arrow Standing in Front of Target by blendimages