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Introducing Select Music: Premium Tracks, Unprecedented Protection


Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Pond5 Select Music collection. We’ve hand-selected an incredible roster of composers and music libraries from all corners of the globe and put together a collection of over 6,000 tracks. Genres range from ’70s funk to that good ol’ upbeat ukulele to electronic glitch, and all tracks are of superb quality, available in uncompressed WAV or AIFF files and competitively priced. Read on to learn more about the Select Music collection and new licenses.

“What Does a Day Off Sound Like?” Sounds by EpidemicSound and video by Randomoperator

Select Music Artists

The Select Music collection features two types of contributors: music libraries, which have sourced original music themselves, then licensed it through Pond5; and individual artists working directly with us. Both groups involve many new contributors.

A quick taste of who you’ll find: Ableton sound designer Huston Singletary, who gave us some incredible analog synth music; ’70s funk that almost didn’t make it to the public from Retrograde Music; and the dusty drums of Drum & Lace.

Two artists have contributed full albums to the library: Philly-based producer Starkey, who has released music on the legendary electronic-music label Ninja Tune and currently runs his own labels, Seclusiasis, Slit Jockey Records, and NOREMIXES; and music technologist Nate Mars, who has released music on Fabric and ZZK and is a champion of the artist-to-artist education model, teaching production courses on Lynda.

Pond5 Select Music Cinema Strings Collection

“What Does Sunday Morning Sound Like?” Sounds by NateMars and Pendulum_Arts, Video by Travkinalera

Select Music Licenses

Here’s what’s included with the Select Music licenses:

  • Two simple pricing tiers based on media usage and territory
  • Indemnification ranging from $250k to $1 million
  • Perpetual Use
  • When you buy a track from the Select Music collection, you can use it once in a single project, which we define as one episode. The pricing tiers are broken into two categories: Enhanced and Premium. If your budget is under $1 million or you’re expecting less than 1 million views, the Enhanced license is for you. The Premium license covers budgets over $1 million, viewership over 1 million, and national or international usage.

    The Enhanced and Premium Select Music licenses offer some of the highest levels of indemnification in the industry at competitive prices.

    Discover New Collections

    Pond5’s search is the best in the industry. To jumpstart your discovery of Select Music, we’ve also created some exciting collections for you to browse.

    Humdingers is filled with fun and comedic tracks, while Kinetic features the movement you need for a workout or action scene.

    Each collection has a description and 10-15 tracks that will introduce you to our artists, all of whom are represented in the collections. We will rotate these collections over time, giving you more opportunities to get to know our artists and content.

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on Pond5 Select Music. Check out the collection today, and let us know what else you’d like to see!