Video Trends 2015


Lately, we at Pond5, have been collecting data to showcase current video trends for our artist community and help all of us to understand what’s most in demand. Take a look at these three important trends and get ready to boost your sales!

4K Video

The once far-fetched idea of making a high-quality film look like digital cinema camera became a reality when RED One entered the scene in 2006. Since then, we have seen more and more 4K footage. In fact, it has become the new standard. Almost all major camera manufacturers have responded to the immediate need for low price 4K camcorders with a wide selection of products including cell phones with 4K capabilities. If you are not yet investing in this sort of equipment, now is a great time to do so.


More pixels = sharper image

Cinematic Video

Although this has been trending for a while in video, recently there has been a noticeable rise in its popularity. Cinematic can be defined a number of ways in the context of stock footage. Light is the most important consideration when staging cinematic shots with a particular focus on the contrast between darks and brights. This explains why in the sequence “Lights, Camera, Action!” light always comes first.

But “cinematic footage” could also mean a subtle camera move where both speed and the direction of motion are balanced (usually this type of content is used to establish location or time). You can also give your shot a cinematic look of an actual film by combining low contrast (non-graded in digital) with film-like graininess. Using these techniques may increase your sales considerably.

Below you’ll see some excellent examples of cinematic lights and footage by talented Pond5 artists, kabjaconceptsWeGoBoom and bluemedia.

Cinematic Yoga Pushups by cinev

Epic Canyon Sunset Aerial by WeGoBoom

Cinematic Railway Slider Shot At Low Angle Sunset by Blue Media

Aerial Footage

Just a few years ago, you needed special stabilizing systems and helicopters to produce quality flyover shots. Today, it’s possible to replace all that equipment with a small DJI Phantom and an attached camera stabilizer like the GoPro Gimbal, totaling less than $1500. With drones now more accessible to video makers, we see an increase in aerial uploads to our library every day.

Aerial content is super useful to establish the shot geographically and add production value to content. Commonly used in feature films and Ads, there is that exciting possibility your aerial clips could end up on the big screen. Below is a clip that demonstrates the establishing capabilities of a good aerial shot from artist stockmedia1.

Aerial View Of City Skyline Nyc by Stockmedia1

Stay tuned for more trend reports as the year goes on. Our artists’ community should always be on top of things and we want to keep fuelling your creativity with more insights from our data. Now get started and make some media! 

Yours truly,

Avtandil Chachibaia

Video Development Manager at Pond5