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Introducing the Pond5 Add-On for Adobe Premiere Pro


When we designed the Pond5 add-on for Adobe Premiere Pro, we knew that one of the most valuable things we could do was help you save time while improving your workflow. That’s why this seamless integration into the Premiere interface gives you all the power of the Pond5 collection without ever forcing you to leave the application.

The Pond5 Collection within Adobe Premiere Pro

The free Pond5 add-on puts the entire Pond5 collection of video clips, music tracks, and sound effects right at your fingertips in your Premiere workspace. That’s more than 7 million videos and over 1 million audio files that you can try out in your projects.

Adobe Add-On Interface

Easy Search and Advanced Filters

You can enter any search term to browse the collection, and narrow your search by price, duration, frame rate, and more. Once you’ve selected a clip, just drag it into your timeline to try it out. You can edit, add filters and transitions, and experiment with as many clips as you like. All of your changes will be saved when you finalize your project.

Adobe Add-On Search Filters

Instantly Replace Watermarked Comps with Hi-Res Files

When you’re happy with the files that you’ve chosen, you can quickly replace low-res comps with hi-res files by purchasing directly in the app. All of the files will automatically be replaced, while maintaining all of your edits, cuts, and changes. One click will take care of it all.

Adobe Add-On Replace with Hi-Res

Get 50 Free Clips with Your Download

When you download the Pond5 add-on for Premiere Pro, it comes with a free collection of 50 pre-selected clips that you can try out in your projects to help you get started!

Adobe Add-On Free Clips

Download the Pond5 add-on for Adobe Premiere Pro here. Questions? Let us know in the comments below!