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Digital Backlots – A New Type of Video Content on Pond5


Is there nothing more frustrating for a filmmaker than the constraints money puts on your vision? Have you ever had to compromise and relocate your shoot from Rome to New York’s Little Italy? Today, we hope to change that through advances in technology that have allowed for a new type of video content.

Pond5 is proud to announce the launch of Backlot and Backlot+, courtesy of CT-Image, the ultimate video solution for artists using green screens or compositing as part of their workflow. With the release of these innovative solutions, every video created will benefit with a huge time and money saver and without sacrificing quality.

Digital Backlots

We’re talking about stunning, high quality video in a format you’ve never seen before. Digital Backlots are created by flawlessly stitching three clips, captured in 4K resolution at varying angles to generate a composite-ready 160 degree panoramic video with the effective resolution of 8K.

That’s no small feat – quite literally. Although 4K background clips have been on Pond5 for some time, the panoramic versions open up many new possibilities for filmmakers. You can now add motion to your green screen studio productions while keeping the effect of a real city landscape. Digital Backlots will eliminate the obstacles to making your ambitious scene fit a restrictive steady shot, while lowering your costs with travel, appropriate licenses and weather-based location planning. Ultimately, this is the most cost-effective way to realize your vision.

Digital Backlots+

Digital Backlots+ are a subproduct of Backlots, designed to make compositing in a regular 4K clip even easier. So, what’s the difference? The addition of a foreground element to the clip – like a sidewalk or a street – that perfectly matches the light of the background scenery. With Backlot+ files, it’s easier than ever to create high quality scenes of various landmarks and sights around the world.

Luis I Bridge Lower Angle Backlot by CTimage
We’re always searching for new technology and products that will allow you to create your art more effectively. This has been Pond5’s mission from the start. We can’t wait to be be wowed by your new creations.

Please feel free to share your work with us so we can share it with the world. Happy media making!