Free Video Clip of the Week, September 4, 2017: Nature in Motion


Hyperlapses are timelapses on the move, which means that not only are they mesmerizing, but they’re extremely time-consuming to create. Fortunately, we have a whole collection for you to choose from — and to save you the effort of having to shoot them yourself!

Celebrate nature in motion with this week’s free hyperlapse clip from Yosemite National Park by Pond5 artist Maik Thomas, then get up to speed with our full curated Hyperlapse collection.

Download this week’s free video clip here, then immerse yourself in the Hyperlapse collection below to stay on the move.

Hyperlapse Collection

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This clip is available for free download until 6:00 PM EDT on September 10, 2017. For more free video clips, click here.