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Video: Learn How to Create a Hyperlapse Clip With Any Camera


Hyperlapse videos are some of the most mesmerizing clips out there, and that’s due in large part to the immense amount of work and vision that goes into creating them. You can make your own hyperlapse using just about any camera, as long as you have plenty of time, patience, and willingness to experiment and learn.

Discover all the tricks, tools, and techniques you can employ to create your own amazing hyperlapse videos in our video tutorial above, then check out our post on How to Shoot a Great Hyperlapse Video for a step-by-step written guide.

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Explore all the Pond5 media used in the making of this tutorial in the collection below:

How to Hyperlapse Collection

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our curated Hyperlapse collection featuring hundreds of amazing hyperlapse clips:

Hyperlapse Collection

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Top image: Still from Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Timelapse by nk87