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Video: How to Set Up and Work with Green Screens in Production


When you set up a green screen, just about anything becomes possible. Want to change locations? No problem. Add special effects? Easy. Travel through time? Piece of cake. Master this technique and you can key in any scene you want behind your subjects, from distant locales to otherworldly environments.

Check out our video above for all the info on what gear you’ll need, how to get set up, and when to start rolling. Then read our full post on How to Work With Green Screens in Production and Post-Production for even more — and stay tuned for our video on green-screen post-postproduction techniques, too.

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Explore all the footage used to create this tutorial video in the collection below, then search our full green-screen video collection for thousands of clips you can use to create anything you can imagine.

Green Screen Collection

Top Image: Still from Businessman Uses Virtual Reality Glasses Over Green Screen by mast3r