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Video: How to Shoot an Amazing Timelapse With Any Camera


Creating a timelapse video is actually relatively easy. Creating a great timelapse video, however, is a little more difficult. To end up with a clip that really mesmerizes your audience, you’ll want to do the right amount of planning. And while you can shoot a timelapse with any camera, there is some gear and settings that can be super helpful.

Watch our video tutorial on creating a captivating timelapse above to get all the basics on how to plan, what gear and settings to use, and how to make everything look amazing when you’re putting it all together.

When you’re done, you can get even more info in our full post on creating timelapses or learn more about building out a more comprehensive timelapse kit.

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Explore all the Pond5 media used to create our timelapse tutorial video in the collection below:

Timelapse Tutorial Collection