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8 Amazing Motion Graphics Projects (Spring 2016)


These amazing motion graphics projects feature the very best in 3D and 2D motion design.

Every now and then we like to put together a list of our favorite motion graphics projects from the last few months. These projects come in many shapes and forms, but one thing is consistent — they’re all shining examples of creative ingenuity and unbridled imagination. So, if you’re looking for some motion graphics inspiration, look no further. Here are our favorite motion graphics projects from Spring 2016.

1. Just Like a Woman

The line between motion graphics and interactive experience is certainly blurring. In this incredibly original film, users are invited to change the outcome of the story by clicking the scrolling video panels. The video is a wonderful example of the creative potential of integrating motion graphics with technology. The artists also did a great job of using color to let the audience know which storyline they’re in.

 2. Wrapped

  • Created By: Crave
  • Why It’s Awesome: Wrapped is a beautiful example of indie-VFX work.

integrating live-action with CG is one of the biggest challenges for any VFX artist. In this short created by Crave, we see one indie VFX house’s attempt at blending real-life pictures and footage with CG buildings and vegetation. This video also showcases the power of sound design in animation.

 3. 9 Squares

  • Created By: Various Artists
  • Why It’s Awesome: 9 Squares shows us how different artists approach a similar project.

9 Squares is a collaborative project organized by Al Boardman, Skip Dolphin Hursh, and David Stanfield. In a nutshell, 9 Squares challenges nine different artists to create single-square mograph designs with similar styles. As you may know, locking down consistent design across multiple artists can be tough, but 9 Squares breaks from the norm and proves that beautiful collaboration can happen even in an indie-design context.

4. Forms in Nature

  • Created By: Chromosphere
  • Why It’s Awesome: Forms in Nature is a beautiful example of professional staging and thoughtful art direction.

Every good motion design project has a creative idea that helps progress the story being told. In this video created by Chromosphere, we see a great example of a project built around a simple circle. At face value, the project is also really beautiful in terms of design. Each frame could be printed out and hung on a wall.

5. Malak and the Boat

  • Created By: André Holzmeister
  • Why It’s Awesome: Malak and the Boat is a great example of using motion graphics for good.

Motion graphic designers typically spend most of their days working with clients in order to sell products, but this video created for Unicef is a beautiful example of motion graphics used for good. In this animated documentary, André Holzmeister uses audio of a Syrian refuge child telling her story of escape. The piece features a good amount of 3D work that was all created in 3DSMax.

6. The Last Job on Earth

  • Created By: Moth Collective
  • Why It’s Awesome: This short film uses creative art direction to tell a story that would have been near-impossible to shoot live-action.

The Last Job on Earth is not only a visual spectacle, but also a wonderfully crafted story. While the film doesn’t necessarily create a never-before-seen artistic style, the beautiful illustrations and color theory help tell the designers tell a deeper story. You’ll notice in the film that anything colored red carries a negative connotation. This was no coincidence.

 7. 30 Seconds

  • Created By: Freefarm
  • Why It’s Awesome: Sound drives this beautifully crafted work of 3D art.

So far, this list has featured animated clips that are complemented by sound — but the following video features animation that was created by sound. This beautiful clip from Freefarm features that use sound to change their look and feel. You’ll notice how a simple underscore can change the way an audience perceives the film.

8. The Exquisite Ant

  • Created By: The Drawing Room
  • Why It’s Awesome: When hundreds of elements are simultaneously moving, amazing things happen.

This project created by The Drawing Room is an eclectic collection of dozens of different design styles. If you’re a fan of motivated actions, this video is for you. The interesting thing about this video is the fact that there are so many movements going on at once. You could watch this film a dozen times and still not pick up on all of the moving parts.