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Essential Listening: 5 Inspiring Podcasts for Creatives


Feed your brain and your creativity with these 5 awesome podcasts for motion designers and VFX artists.

Staying inspired is important for us here at RocketStock. Inspiration helps us to create the best motion graphic templates on the internet and design free stuff to give away to the video editing community. While places like Vimeo and YouTube are certainly great for getting motion graphic inspiration, it is incredibly difficult to both work on a project and watch a video at the same time. This is where podcasts come into play.

Podcasts are a great way to stay inspired while simultaneously working on a motion graphic process. So instead of listening to music or sitting in silence, you can perhaps learn some valuable skills to help you become a better designer or VFX artist in the process.

Here are our 5 favorite podcasts to listen to:

1. The Allan McKay Podcast

The Allan McKay Podcast

With over 20 years in the industry, it’s hard to find someone more in-tune with all things VFX than Allan McKay. Using his experience in the industry and his connections across the world, Allan interviews VFX Artists and Supervisors from all the major companies including ILM, Blur, Atomic Fiction, Pixomondo, Ubisoft, and Video Copilot.

Notable Episode: #28 Andrew Kramer – Video Copilot

2. The VFX Show

Podcasts: The VFX Show

If you want to get news and inspiration regarding VFX from all of the latest blockbuster films, the VFX Show is the podcast for you. The show, provided by fxguide,  gives listeners a behind-the-scenes peek into what the VFX process is really like. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone into modeling, VFX, or general 3D work.

Notable Episode: #195 Kingsman: The Secret Service

3. Creative Cow AE HD

Podcasts: Creative Cow AE HD

It’s no secret that Creative Cow is one of the leading providers of useful software information on the internet. If you’re like me, then you regularly Google software-related questions only to find a Creative Cow video tutorial or forum post ready to give an answer.

If you want to stay up-to-date on all of the latest Creative Cow tutorials about After Effects, look no further than their appropriately titled Creative Cow AE podcast. While the podcast isn’t necessarily updated regularly, it does have over 150 tutorials ready to view.

Notable Episode: Animated Guitar Strings with Plexus

4. The Go Creative Show

Podcasts: Go Creative Show

From After Effects to drone videos, the Go Creative Show with Ben Console is a fantastic show for any creative individual to listen to. If you enjoy a well-rounded creative podcast, this show is for you. Guests from all computer-related creative fields give helpful advice and insight to those looking for some quick inspiration.

Notable Episode: Sharknado (with Vashi Nedomansky and Matt Allard)

5. The Deeply Graphic Design-Cast

Deeply Graphic Design

While the Deeply Graphic Design-Cast podcast may be focused on still design, a lot of the concepts talked about in the show can definitely relate to motion graphic artists everywhere. The cool thing about the Deeply Graphic Design-Cast podcast is the fact that they don’t simply focus on graphic design. Instead, the podcast dives into practical topics like managing client expectations, web presence, and balancing passion projects with paid work.

Notable Episode: #64 Social Media Tips for Designers