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After Effects Tip: Separating Position Dimensions


Quickly separate X,Y, and Z position dimensions with this handy After Effects tip.

Trying to link expressions or layers to a single x or y parameter without using the Separate Dimensions feature in After Effects can be a real challenge. Sure, you can use expressions to call up each parameter separately, but it can be a real pain to use expressions if you’re not familiar with how they work.  In the following post, we’ll use a quick After Effects tip to learn how to use the “Separate Dimensions” feature in AE.

Step 1: Select Your Layer

After Effects Tip Step 1: Select Your Layer

Select the layer you in which you wish to separate the positional dimensions. It can be any type of layer, including shapes and null objects.

Step 2: Right Click on Position

After Effects Tip Step 2: Right Click on Position

Simply click the dropdown menus by navigating to Transform > Position or hit the p key to quickly access the Positional data. Right click on the text that says Position.

Step 3: Select Separate Dimensions

After Effects Tip Step 3: Select Separate Dimensions

Select Separate Dimensions and the x and y dimensions will now be separated. This technique works for both 2D and 3D layers.