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Amplify Your Vision: Pond5’s Top-Selling Musical Themes


Whether you define yourself as a hip-hop artist or a classical pianist, no matter your musical genre, the data that we’ve assembled from our customer searches will help anyone contributing music to sell on Pond5. Composing with a theme in mind that hits these concepts is a great way to get heard and potentially increase your sales. Below are the top music search results to give you an extra edge in the studio, plus some additional advice on getting the most traffic to your tracks.

Conceptual Search Terms by Ranking

1. Cinematic

2. Epic

3. Inspirational

4. Happy

5. Energetic

6. Upbeat

7. Adventure

8. Uplifting

9. Dramatic

10. Fun

11. Suspense

12. Action

13. Positive

14. Meditation

15. Optimistic

16. Playful

It’s important to keep in mind that other keywords also rank high within our search results, which can assist you and provide you with clues to the end usage when you’re composing new tracks. Keywords such as “Podcast Intro,” “Movie Trailer,” “Documentary,” “Awards Ceremony,” “Game,” “Corporate,” and “Business” are all extremely popular.

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Genre Search by Ranking

1. Ambient

2. Hip Hop

3. Rock

4. Electronic

5. Pop

6. 1980s

7. Jazz

Similar to the usage keywords that populated the search rankings, a couple of other keywords caught our attention here, which could be incredibly useful when composing your tracks, including “Piano,” “Acoustic,” and “Guitar.”

Popular Search

We provide a dropdown filter for the most popular music tracks, which is an invaluable tool for not only being able to find inspiration for a top-selling concept, but also to encourage composers to use it as a research tool for their own work.

For true success, it’s crucial for you to hear what music is the most popular with our clients. I strongly suggest that you analyze the most popular tracks using the data that we’ve provided in Pond5’s music collections. With that said, don’t copy the tracks but instead find inspiration to create an original composition for your next piece.


The titles that you create for your work in the Pond5 marketplace carry a heavier weight and rank higher in our search engine than the music’s descriptions or keywords. I suggest that you populate your titles with the keywords that I have published in this article (only if the words are relevant to your work, of course). Often, clients will become familiar with your music after using it once or twice, which will drive their search directly to your music collection when starting a new project.

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Be aware, however, that if you lead a customer down a path littered with false or exaggerated keywords, you may never get another chance to showcase your work and thread it into their next story. So, while using varied keywords that cover concepts is always good, make sure to keep things accurate. Misleading keywords may get you more views, but chances are they won’t lead to sales and will ultimately backfire.

In addition, you may want to revisit your tracks and add the most relevant keywords to your titles. I’m confident that you’ll see a positive change. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments!

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