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Race for the Republic: Star Wars Characters as Political Candidates


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With just weeks to go until the release of The Force Awakens, Star Wars mania is in full swing around the world. Like most of humanity, we’re pretty excited — so excited, in fact, that we decided to pay tribute to the sci-fi franchise in our own special way.

It’s widely known that Pond5 media is often used in political campaign ads, so that got us thinking: What if our favorite Star Wars characters were running campaigns of their own? Then we scoured our library for video and audio that could bring these parody campaigns to life through a series of imaginary TV spots.

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From intergalactic spoofs of classic ads for Hillary Clinton and Ronald Reagan to an Ewok-language Green Party campaign, all of these videos were created exclusively with footage, sound effects, and music from Pond5.

Check out the first of the five videos below, along with poster art for each campaign, then click through to our special microsite to watch all the campaign videos, vote for your favorite, and help spread the word!

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All video editing, compositing, and voiceovers by Brett McAfee.

Check out the full collection of video, music, and sound FX used to make these clips »