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Submissions Open Now for Tribeca Film Institute Pond5 Grants


During the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Institute and Pond5 got together for an event in support of the appropriately named Tribeca Film Institute Pond5 Program — which is currently accepting applications for its latest round of grants and mentorships.

Featuring a lively panel titled “What’s in Stock,” about expanding the boundaries of archival footage in the modern age, the night included insight from director Lyric R. Cabral, IF/Then Shorts’ Mridu Chandra, Pond5’s Anna Garwood, Catch&Release’s Analisa Godin, and immersive filmmaker Lance Weiler.

Submissions for the current round of the Tribeca Film Institute Pond5 Program close on May 15, so there’s only one week left to submit your creative project for a chance at a grant or industry mentorship. Learn more about the program and apply now, then scroll on for photos from the event.