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How to Export Videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


Video is the fastest-rising form of communication, with high-quality recording devices more accessible than ever and marketplaces like Pond5 providing everything you need to make amazing videos without even picking up a camera. Meanwhile, the number of platforms for sharing your videos is also expanding, and each one has its own specifications for video formats, including aspect ratios, length, size, and format. Fortunately, if you know the basics ahead of time, you’ll be able to optimize your work for any popular social-media platform.

Check out our video above for information on how to export your social-media videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the extremely handy presets in Adobe Premiere Pro, then bookmark or download our infographic on social media export settings as an easy reference for all your future projects!

Social Media Export Settings Guide

Learn More About Exporting Your Videos for Social Media

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