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After Effects Tutorial: Using the Key(index) Expression


Learn how to use the helpful key(index) expression in this quick After Effects tutorial.

In this informative After Effects tutorial by Mikey Borup, we’ll take a look at how to use the key(index) expression in AE. Essentially, this expression will allow you to link text to keyframes so that you can recall certain lines of text by using a slider. While this After Effects tutorial is easy to follow, it might be a little difficult to understand if you are new to expressions. So, if you’re looking for a quick guide to learning expressions, check out the expression guide at Motion Script. The following After Effects tutorial covers:

  • Slider Controls
  • Writing Expressions
  • Keyframing Text

This video was first shared by Mikey Borup on his YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing, Mikey.

If you want to learn more about After Effects, I highly recommend checking out Mikey’s YouTube channel. He has hundreds of tutorials dedicated to helping you become a more well-rounded motion designer.