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16 Super-Educational Motion Design YouTube Channels


Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to hone your chops, here are 16 motion design YouTube channels loaded with vital tips, techniques, and lessons.

Top image via Video Copilot

While Vimeo may be the standard for high-end cinematography and design with their well-curated staff picks and high-definition standard playback, YouTube has developed into a great community resource for those looking to quickly search, navigate, and binge watch how-to videos and tutorials.

Here are some of the best and most useful motion design YouTube channels to add to your feed.

1. Video Copilot

Deservedly so, Video Copilot tops our list. Andrew Kramer’s YouTube channel is a great resource for tutorials and peeks into upcoming products and demos.

2. Lester Banks

Lester’s blog is a tremendous resource for motion graphics and animation. His YouTube page is a great supplemental resource and worth the follow for clean and thorough tutorials.

3. Greyscalegorilla

Greyscalegorilla’s channel is packed full of free, full-length, in-depth Cinema 4D tutorials. Plus, you can learn some pretty cool stuff like mouth rigging and detailed textures.

4. Mt. Mograph

Reach the summit of your cinematic climb to the motion design peak with Mt. Mograph’s massive tutorial library.

5. Tuts+ Motion Graphics

Tuts+ Motion Graphics fully delivers what its name abbreviates. After Effects tutorials plus quality video editing and motion design content that is smart and accessible.


Motion design has never looked as beautiful or easy as it does in the tutorials made by FREEDOMART. Their library has been steadily growing into one of the best resources available online.


If you know him, you love him for his charm and complete ease addressing the camera. VFX BRO is more than his name implies. His personality and editing chops give him an inviting appeal for those looking to dive in for the first time.

8. After Effects Series Tutorials

If you’re looking for some cool projects to learn some skills and impress your friends, After Effects Series Tutorials is fun resource to find some simple tricks you can try out on a Sunday afternoon.

9. Kriscoart Productions

Kriscoart Productions’ channel is much more than a resource for motion design. With a diverse collection of filmmaking tips, tricks, and tutorials, Kriscoart is worth the follow for all filmmakers looking to learn new cool things.

10. Easy After Effects

Do you find After Effects hard? Well, do we have a recommendation for you. Easy After Effects makes After Effects, well, easy. Not to say they aren’t as awesome or helpful to learn from, but it’s definitely a great place to start.

11. Wren the Reaper

Wren the Reaper is a great reminder of why many of us are drawn to After Effects in the first place. It’s fun to try things out with friends and for short film projects on weekends. Wren’s tutorials are a friendly introduction to the craft.

12. Morocco Tutorials

Morocco Tutorials is a terrific resource for those looking to learn some new techniques for text or logo animation.

13. BakersTuts

Baker’s Tutorials are popular, effective and highly entertaining. If you’re looking for tips on color balancing or 3D elements, you can’t go wrong with Baker.

14. After Effects Tutorials w/ Mikey

Long live Mikey for his awesome channel and detailed tutorials on all things After Effects, motion design, and video.

15. RocketStock

Did you know that we offer tutorials, After Effect templates and tons of free stuff? We also have a robust blog with After Effects and motion design content written with your workflow in mind. Like this article you’re reading right now!

16. PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat, like RocketStock, is also more than just a blog. You can find tons of interesting content on its Youtube channel to help with all things motion design, video editing, and filmmaking.