3 Tips To Keep Your Blog Engaging (For You And Your Readers)


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Writing a blog for your business can be painful at times. Passion fades. Writer’s block is inevitable. And sometimes, it just feels like you’re shouting into the void. But trust us, it’s worth it. In fact, according to Demand Metric, companies with blogs produce 67% more monthly leads on average than those without. 

Consistent blogging can be a challenge, so here are 3 pick-me-up tips to keep the content interesting and your inspiration flowing.


1. Share Your POV ASAP

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Your brand has a unique point-of-view—use it! No other company in the world has the same combination of values, personality, expertise, or talent. The more you talk about topics through those lenses, the better. Think of each post as building a relationship with your readers. Let them get to know how you think, what you feel, and why you behave how you do as a brand.


2. Find A Guest Blogger

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Add some credibility to your blog—and take a break—by asking a guest you respect to write an entry. Own a restaurant supply business? Ask a chef. Work in publishing? Ask one of your authors. Sell candles? Ask an interior designer or scent scientist. In addition to infusing your blog with new energy, guest bloggers are also a great way to introduce your brand to a whole new audience, as your guest will likely promote their post to their own followers.


3. Don’t Make Words Do All The Talking

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Find some fun photos or videos to inspire your writing. Search for video footage on your topic of choice and see what comes up. You never know what vintage educational video, ingredient footage, or a peek behind-the-scenes will inspire. 


Keeping your blog engaging is simple—talk from your brand’s point-of-view, get a blogging boost from a guest writer, or spice things up with some visuals. Turn that passion into posts and those readers into customers. 

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