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5 Illustration Trends to Watch in 2020


Each year brings new illustrative styles, colors, and techniques into the world (or, in some retro cases, back into the world). And looking into 2020, we’re seeing great trends across inclusivity, throwback vibes, politics, and more. Take a look at these illustration trends we’re expecting to see a lot more of in the upcoming year.


Neo Traditional

After years with slick gradients and funky flat design, traditional looking illustration is making a comeback in its digital incarnation. Vectorised ink, watercolor Photoshop brushes, and natural textures are becoming the tools we’re seeing blast off in 2020. 

Our illustrations team loves how the e-mail marketing star Mailchimp uses the style to give its digital business a human, hand-made feel.

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Vaporwave, 90s and Zine Aesthetic

No longer just a domain of Gen Z social media wizzes, bright collages and the retro feel of early gaming are something we expect to get a lot more use in the future couple of years on a more mainstream level. 

It channels nostalgia for xeroxed photographs and forays into the jungle of 90s internet. Can you still remember the cacophony of your first dial-up modem? This quirky style makes it easy to stand out among more conservative competition, especially when targeting younger generation fatigued with polished corporate communication. 

Check out this campaign by Nike to see how bold you can go when you embrace the eye-catching zine style! 

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Inclusive Art

What we’ve seen in the world of stock photography for years is now hitting its illustrated counterpart! People of all ages, lifestyles, and backgrounds are all coming forward, drawn in any visual style you can think of.

As illustration starts to gain on photography as a medium of choice for editorial purposes, the demand for inclusive illustration is only going to get larger – and this is a trend we hope will never go away. 

Andreea Robescu’s Girls Run the World project is a stunning example of both satiating the hunger for inclusivity and an unkempt, organic looking illustration.

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Sustainable Living

Reusable water bottle? Check. Packaging-free shopping? Check. Supporting the eco-friendly movement while using art to illustrate your points? Big check! 

Another theme that’s bigger than ever is sustainability, living responsibly and plant based lifestyle. 

See how Lavazza approached their message of eco-friendliness while using color themes and textures that emulate the feel of recycled materials.

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Political themes

The world has been hopping from one big political theme to another for the last couple of years, and this one is going to be even heavier on this topic than 2019. With the upcoming presidential elections, Brexit, and many others, the need for good editorial illustration will be at its peak. 

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