Your Social Media Content Calendar for April


April’s packed with holidays and milestones you’re going to want to promote on your social channels. Here are a few practical suggestions and just-for-fun days, with content to match, to help you plan your social media calendar.


April 11 – National Pet Day

Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, or a turtle person (that’s a thing, right?), we all have an animal or three that warms our heart. From more common feline and canine companions to the far more exotic, immerse yourself in this zoological compendium of amazing animals.


April 23 – Take Your Child to Work Day

Let your kids see what you do all day at work with Take Your Child to Work Day! In addition to exposing children to various work options for their futures, you’re also giving them a “behind the scenes” peek at what adults do all day without kids around.


April 27 – Arbor Day

Dig in and plant a tree for Arbor Day! Trees are essential to the balance of life on Earth, and they deserve a day of celebration. Don’t have a tree to plant? Read a book about our leafy friends or volunteer at a community garden.


April 28 – National Superhero Day

Are you a DC or Marvel fan? Can’t get enough of firetrucks or chalkboards? National Superhero Day is for you, and the superheroes in our lives, both fictional and real-life.