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Stock up for Spotify Canvas


Is Music Your Business?

Do you create music for commercial use? Are you actively posting your songs on Spotify? Growing your following isn’t just about producing tracks – tools like Spotify allow you to take your music a step further and add visually engaging elements your listeners will enjoy. Keep reading for some tips on how to use Spotify Canvas and incorporate stock imagery to boost your business!

About Spotify Canvas

Launched in 2019, a Spotify Canvas is a 3.8-second looped video that appears in the “Now Playing” view. These byte-sized music videos invite listeners into a visual chapter of a song’s narrative, and in doing so, have boosted key performance metrics. Since launch:

  • Track shares increased by more than 1450%
  • Playlist ads have risen by an average of 250%
  • Song streams climbed by 350%
  • Profile visits went up by 390%

There’s a reason videos are on every single social media platform— they work! In fact, according to Hootsuite, they’re shared six times more than text posts. Video lets performers draw fans into their creative world and sparks an emotional connection.

Thought Starters

You probably have some great ideas already, but here are some more:

From Stock to Streams

If you’ve chosen to browse clips from Pond5, this section is for you. (Great choice!)

  1. Select the track that’s most inspired you.
  2. Choose from the millions of clips or artworks available on Pond5, considering the mood and tempo of the song. Search easily by browsing with keywords, collection names or categories.
  3. Upload your final clip via the Spotify for Artists personal profile.
  4. Tell your fans! Share on social media to bring more people to your album and increase streams.

Try to repeat this process and update canvases regularly for continuous engagement.

Bonus Spotify Canvas Tips

For maximum creative kudos, aim to make a different canvas for each song- keeping them in the same recognizable style. Additionally, different types of loops are available:

  • The Continuous Loop has no clear beginning or end.
  • The Hard Cut Loop has a clear beginning and end.
  • The Rebound Loop plays the clip and then reverses it, providing for a fluid effect.

How will you use Canvas? Remember to have fun with it! Keep a lookout for clips and inspiration, and make sure to include this feature in your music marketing strategy.


Author bio:

Nadav Peleg is a seasoned music producer with over ten years of experience. He founded SoundCampaign to connect artists with playlist curators, and you can connect with him on LinkedIn