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GlobalNews Canada: Editorial Partner Spotlight


We value editorial coverage—in fact, we pride ourselves in offering the largest editorial footage collection in the world. Part of our mission is to bring newsworthy footage to our global audience, highlighting content by region so that creators from around the world can find the localized content they need. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with, Canada’s source for news and information, to bring you editorial footage shot and distributed in Canada. Here’s a sneak peek of what they offer, and a free aerial of the Vancouver skyline for you.

Aerial View Of The Vancouver Skyline From Vanier Park



Emergency & Security Services

Follow everyday heroes in action with this collection of Canada’s first responders. These 87 clips feature police, firefighters, paramedics with ambulances, helicopters, fire trucks, and the essential tools that make their vital work possible.

An Emergency Rescue Mission Takes Place In Squamish At Night by GlobalNews.



COVID-19 in Canada

See the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian society and the economy. This collection shows empty places and government mandates during the pandemic, alongside vaccination centers and enduring community spirit. You’ll even find experimental virus detection methods!

Two Covid-Detecting Dogs Search Through Metal Containers For Traces Of Covid19 by GlobalNews.



Cities and Landmarks

Catch Canada’s most well-known statues, buildings, cities, and coastlines, all captured throughout nature’s four seasons. Travel diverse terrain from coast to coast, with newsworthy footage taken at a grassroots level to clips from dizzying heights.

Porte Saint-Jean Gate Monument Surrounding Old Québec City by GlobalNews.


Don’t forget your free clip from Global News: an aerial shot of the Vancouver skyline, and explore more of what Global News has to offer at their artist storefront.

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