Standing with Ukraine


The terrible events unfolding in Ukraine have left us heartbroken. Since the conflict started on February 24th, our focus at Pond5 has been on supporting the Ukrainian people, and in particular, our community of artists. Nearly 8,000 Ukraine-based artists contribute to Pond5, and our entire community is feeling for those impacted by this tragedy and what it means for the future.

What has resonated most with our team and our artists is a desire to contribute however we can. We’ve channeled our frustration and anger into action, using Pond5’s platform and reach to help Ukrainian artists. The aim is to put a spotlight on the incredible work created by these contributors, and importantly, use our platform to tell the true stories of the conflict from different perspectives.

Telling the Story

In the Newsworthy: Ukrainian Conflict collection, we’ve surfaced content coming in from major news outlets like Reuters and PA Media, as well as citizen journalism from those actively engaged in Ukraine or making their voice heard. This collection will be continuously updated as the conflict progresses. The artists and journalists who created this footage did so to share true stories of unity, duty, and heroism among the Ukrainian people. This content starkly contrasts the trauma, destruction, and death brought about by the attacks. Our hope is to provide a platform to share these stories with audiences throughout the world.

Celebrating Ukrainian Artists

We’ve highlighted the work of 100 incredibly talented Ukrainian artists on the Support Ukrainian Artists page. Several contributors are in the middle of the conflict right now risking their lives to supply footage for the world to see. Browse these artists as well as collections from other multi-media contributors whose work represents the inspiring and talented people of Ukraine.

Search with Support

We’ve categorized all content on our site uploaded by Ukrainian artists under the tag ‘collection:SupportUkraine.’ Search using this term, or add an additional parameter (like ‘collection:SupportUkraine landscape’) to surface content by these contributors. This is another means of finding the content you need and supporting a Ukrainian artist at the same time.

From the Pond5 Team

As the conflict continues, we take every opportunity to engage our team and resources to come together and assist the Ukrainian people. During the week of February 28th, we donated 100% of Pond5’s proceeds from sales made by Ukrainian artists (in addition to paying royalties to the artists directly) to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, amounting to $35,000. We are encouraging our employees and community to continue donating and are actively seeking other opportunities to assist the community.

We stand with Ukraine and the incredible storytellers from this country, with our hope and prayers for an immediate peaceful resolution.