Real Humans, Here to Help


The Human Touch

Since our inception in 2006, we’ve always been available for our customers and artists alike. We pride ourselves on our stock footage customer service. Continually being there, just a click or call away, accessible and ready to answer questions and address your stock media needs.

Human Customer Service Team

100% Human Customer Service Team

Over 13,000 customers can’t be wrong! Our Excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot is well ahead of any other stock media site and speaks for itself.

When you call our customer service team, a live person who understands your video needs will greet you. When licensing stock media, we speak your language, whether your project is a feature film, documentary, news broadcast, online marketing, or social media campaign. You can reach our support staff through email or phone with questions about technical support, billing, choosing, purchasing, and using stock media. Read what patrons say about Pond5 customer service.

For frequently asked questions, our support staff compiles the best and most useful answers and publishes them directly to our Help Center, which is always available for reference.

100% Human Curation Team

Of all 30+ million videos on Pond5, a live member of our curation team has reviewed every single one. We’ll reject any video that doesn’t meet our stringent quality standards and also refuse videos that might be legally problematic due to things like trademark infringements or recognizable faces and properties without the proper release forms. Our proactive regulation of content contrasts with less stringent competitors and free sites that often take a reactive approach to legal issues only after a copyright complaint is filed.

Big project or too busy to search? We can become a productive extension of your team. Just tell us your needs, and our expert research team will immediately start hand-picking content based on your information. Within 48 hours of the request, we’ll email a link to your inbox with your personalized, curated collection of Pond5 media. License what you like and leave the rest. You’re never under obligation to purchase content we recommend. Furthermore, we never outsource your research requests to third parties to cut costs. All our support and curation staff are Pond5 employees committed to providing you with a delightful experience.

100% Human Enterprise Experience

Designed for larger organizations, agencies, and production studios, you’ll receive dedicated assistance and preferential pricing to fulfill your content creation needs.

Our Creative Partners will help you bring your vision to life, guiding you through our expansive collection, broad licensing terms, and tools that make it fast and easy for your entire team to utilize Pond5 content for your projects.


Professional Filmmakers & Videographers

100% Human Professional Filmmakers & Videographers

We are equally proud of our relationship with our contributors, a growing community of over 115,000 of the world’s most talented video, foley, and music artists. While the industry trends towards viewing royalty-free art as a commodity—an unfortunate phenomenon exacerbated by the rise of free stock websites—we strive to treat them fairly. Pond5 artists earn a 40% minimum royalty share and can increase their earnings to 60% by going exclusive on Pond5. Furthermore, Exclusive Artists have an opportunity to make a revenue share of up to 90% by referring customers to Pond5 to license their videos.

Our support team is here to help our artist community too. We have an active artist forum and a separate website devoted to Pond5 Contributors. We provide artists with instructions on how to get started, advice, and guidance on producing relevant, high-quality videos that will attract the most buyers, in addition to monthly updates on data and trends for what’s selling most on Pond5.

Websites that provide free stock videos and unlimited downloads are disrupting the stock video industry. While using their content may be tempting, free and unlimited subscription sites are replete with problems like questionable legal protection, low overall quality, and over-saturation of their limited selection of high-quality videos. They cheapen the industry by setting unhealthy expectations. We strongly believe that while there’s room in the industry for commoditized content, there is also a need to support artists and their work.

At Pond5, we know that quality only comes when artists are appreciated and compensated fairly, and we know that we cannot be successful if our artists are not successful. We’ll continue to showcase our artists’ great work, tell their stories, and try our best to convince all creatives that nothing of value in this world really comes for free.


Creative Community

100% Human Creative Community

In addition to supporting our customers and artists, Pond5 believes in fostering an overall creative community and telling diverse stories. By partnering with non-profit organizations, we create unique opportunities for marginalized communities that lack traditional support systems. These organizations include NBAF (National Black Arts), Mezcla, Second Chance Studios, and Made in Her Image. We continuously educate ourselves to foster a more inclusive workplace and utilize our voices to support positive change.

100% Here for You

Whether you’re a customer or an artist, a professional or a student, a film producer, or a social media intern, you’ll always get the same support and respect you deserve at Pond5. We are excited to help share your stories, bring your visions to life, and support your success. Your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve your Pond5 experience are always welcome. Reach out any time with questions or just to let us know what you’re creating. We’d love to know!