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Explore Exclusive Video from Documentary Storytellers Blue Chalk Media


Founded in 2013 by CEO Greg Moyer and COO Pam Huling, Blue Chalk Media is on a mission to help companies they admire tell real stories about real people via documentary storytelling. Greg, a 30-year cable-TV programming veteran, first met Pam at Discovery Communications, where she managed various types of content for its many networks, including still photography, footage, and music. They re-connected 15 years later, when their mutual passion for documentary narratives led to the founding of Blue Chalk. Today, they maintain offices in Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR, and that bi-coastal presence enables them to serve a wide range of national clients, including the Carnegie Corporation, Discovery, Nike, PepsiCo, the New York Times, and the Weather Channel.
Now, we’ve teamed up with Blue Chalk to launch the Blue Chalk Collection, an exclusive line of footage from the award-winning production and media-strategy company. This new collection features wholly-owned footage shot around the world by the Blue Chalk team. To celebrate this partnership, we rounded up some of our favorite examples of Blue Chalk’s documentary storytelling for various brands and nonprofit organizations. Check out these inspiring shorts and get the stories behind them below.
First Sight: Sonia & Anita

Created for WonderWork, a charitable organization that provides free surgeries for children in the world’s poorest countries, “First Sight: Sonia & Anita” tells the story of two blind sisters and their emotional journey to gaining the ability to see for the first time. Working with a top-tier creative team, Blue Chalk traveled to India to document the process and its immeasurable impact on the sisters’ lives. The production team lived with the girls’ family for two weeks, and made the journey hundreds of miles from their home to the surgical clinic. More than 10 million people around the world suffer from operable cataracts, a surgery that costs less than $300.
At Road’s End

Blue Chalk worked with the Enthusiast Network and Subaru to tell the story of Will Brady and his family, who have built their lives around the wind. This short spot showcases how the family celebrates the natural environment they live in, navigating both on and off-road paths in their Subaru Outback. The Brady family operates both a bed and breakfast and a kite-surfing school, serving as a prime example of the adventurous lifestyle that Subaru promotes.
A Rose’s Journey

The Weather Channel asked Blue Chalk Media to produce a series of short films to be shared online and adapted for television. This film, created for Valentine’s Day, follows the journey of a bouquet of roses from the hills outside of Bogota, Colombia to a farmhouse in Malta, Ohio. The Blue Chalk team traveled to Bogota and Ohio, documenting every stage of the roses’ journey — which is heavily dependent on an accurate weather forecast, provided by the Weather Channel.

Explore the exclusive Blue Chalk Media collection below, and stay tuned as many more Blue Chalk Media clips appear on Pond5 through our ongoing collaboration.


Top image by Nick Midwig/Blue Chalk Media