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Pond5 Q&A: What Is Exclusive Pond5 Content?


One of the big benefits to Pond5 is that there are millions of clips to choose from that are only available on the Pond5 marketplace (or through our select Global Partners). That means you can take advantage of exclusive and rare, hard-to-obtain shots you can’t find elsewhere. You can do this while also supporting our large artist community!

Here’s everything you need to know about working with Exclusive footage in the Pond5 marketplace.

Q: Why should I use exclusive content?

A: Exclusive content will help you avoid recognizable videos that get re-used to over-saturation. It allows you to enrich your stories using diverse and unique video clips. And also helps to reduce production time, cut costs, and bring your vision to life.

Not only does our Exclusive collection contain unique and hard-to-duplicate shots, but it also helps support our Global Artist community with an industry-leading 60% royalty rate to the artist. Commission rates can increase to 90% when Exclusive Artists participate in our referral program.

Going exclusive also protects the value of their work. It maximizes its worth, and saves them time by uploading to just one platform. Every Exclusive video purchased on Pond5 helps an artist make a sustainable living doing what they love.

Q: Where do I find exclusive content?

A: When searching for footage on Pond5, Exclusive items are marked with an “E” in the upper-left-hand corner of the thumbnail. You can also see the full “Exclusive” watermark on the thumbnail when you hover your mouse on the clip to watch the preview.

To narrow your search to only show exclusive footage, locate the Exclusive checkbox in the search filters, and select the “All Exclusive” box. This will refine your keyword search to return only exclusive relevant results.

There are currently 2.5 million Exclusive clips on Pond5. More are added daily, so there’s something for everyone and every budget.


Q: If I license an Exclusive item, can other people license it too?

A: Yes, Exclusive items are licensable by more than one user. Obtaining the sole rights to use a piece of content is considered an Exclusive Buyout. In this case, a Pond5 Creative Partner works with the artist on your behalf to obtain permission and negotiate a price. Reach out for more information on purchasing a buyout.

Q: How are exclusive and Marquee content different?

A: While looking through some Exclusive items in your searches, you may spot the “Marquee” banner on certain thumbnails. Marquee footage is a unique collection of premium video, shot on cinema-quality cameras, provided by professional filmmakers.

Marquee content can be either exclusive or non-exclusive. Look for the exclusive watermark to ensure you get the type of footage you want.

And if you find the same non-exclusive item elsewhere for less, remember to take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee, and we will match the lower price.