Free Holiday Stock Media


The holiday season comes with various content demands. So, before stuffing your stockings and roasts, Pond5 is stuffing some extra festive value into your downloads folder!

Unwrap the 2022 Holiday Season with a new assortment of free holiday stock media available for download through December 31! The complete collection of 123 assets is valued at over $3,500 and holds classic footage, images, animations, tracks, and SFX to make any holiday project shine.

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What You Get

The Pond5 artist community comprises 120,000 diverse and talented artists from around the globe, each bringing their unique style and expertise to our offerings across various disciplines. Sample some of their work through our perpetual Free Collection! These videographers, musicians, photographers, animators, and illustrators give our marketplace unrivaled breadth and depth—and make The Free Holiday Season Collection an extraordinary gift.

The Holiday collection includes footage, music, sound effects, After Effects templates, photos, and illustrations, offering a taste of the stunning array of content available at Pond5. But more importantly, it helps guarantee your holiday projects knock off those fluffy socks. Whether you add everything to your cart at once or download assets as needed, ensure you get everything you want before December ends and these items return to full price!


How to Use It

Give that warm, festive feeling by putting these assets to work for you. Discover the examples below for inspiration on how to make the most of this merry content!

Social Media / Influencers

Content creators and hobbyists often want additional themed content to enhance their Christmas-themed projects. The options are endless, from holiday hacks to family vlogs about gifting, clothing, and fun activities.

Christmas Tutorials

Making holidays picture-perfect can be complicated, so who doesn’t love a stress-reducing hack video? From learning how to make sugar cookies to wrapping presents to decorating the tree, there’s plenty of inspiration to be had!

Cookie Baking Tutorials
Use scrumptious scenes like this woman preparing colorful gingerbread cookies or this seamless looping rotation of cookies shaped Christmas trees to plump up your cookie-decorating tutorial or advertise on your Pinterest boards!

Be inspired:

Christmas Decorating Tutorial
Inspire holly handiwork with decorative scenes like this woman decorating a Christmas Tree or this traditional advent wreath.

Be inspired:



Does your family prefer to hit the slopes over hitting the hay? Is your shindig more of a bubbly celebration than a chat over a cuppa? Many people enjoy seeing holidays spent in different ways, and stock footage can help put your video together like a pro. Add seasonal polish to your vlog using free holiday stock media like this family making a toast or these tasty mugs of eggnog.

Be inspired:


Holiday Greetings

Ho ho heeey! Holiday Greeting videos have brought people together since the dawn of the internet, and everyone from families to corporations count on stock media to give theirs a little extra shine. Use free footage of fireworks or this After Effects winter photo album to upgrade your greetings.

See how Compressed Air Equipment set the scene for their story with a charming village aerial:

Excelitas did the same with close-ups of classic Christmas details:


Advertisements / branded content

Branded videos result from concept and execution, which is where the production process comes in. Marketers, ad agencies, and other buyers streamline theirs by executing their ideas either entirely using carefully selected stock scenes or combining stock footage with scenes they shot themselves. You can even create your own Yule log compilation!

See how Hootsuite did theirs:

Are you a ski instructor, mountain climbing guide, or personal trainer? Why not get your audiences warmed up with a winter action teaser made from clips like this snow climber on vacation, an outdoor winter scene of a woman and her husky, or this cross-country skier.

This example proves activity shots break through the usual holiday visuals with an energetic backtrack and scenes of the great outdoors.


Music Videos / Touring Music Acts

Music videos are where outer aesthetic and inner worlds meet. They’re a vehicle for creative expression and become even more charming during the holiday season. As a background for official lyric videos, on a loop of a Spotify playlist, or even a filmic addition to a video shoot, stock footage will help make the audio-visual experience. Clips like this winter forest aerial or this woman photographing a winter day stand out for their moody appeal.

Note the use of different family scenes unified by a clever TV framing device! You can easily achieve this with stock footage.

This example of Ed Sheeran & Elton John uses a green screen technique to parody past Christmas classics

Lyric videos require just one beautiful image or a simple clip as a neutral background for the text.

Don’t forget, audio and visual components tell artist stories on tour too! Many musicians use video boards during live performances to immerse audiences in their performances.


Holiday Films

Narrative fiction, whether a series, feature-length film, or scripted reality show, all use stock video in their projects. In many instances, they have no choice. Crews shoot in sound stages, on backlots, and in cities like Vancouver, New Orleans, Atlanta, Austin, Toronto, etc., but the movies may take place in another location entirely. Using stock is a way to show a location without actually being there.

Create your film with establishing shots like this Italian village or this adorable log cabin at night underneath the winter sky, both available in our free holiday stock media collection.

You’ll find Pond5 listed in the Company Credits of many Holiday themed movies such as Home Sweet Home Alone, Three Wise Men and a Baby, Christmas at the Golden Dragon, and Our Italian Christmas Memories.

Put on a parody, or be wholesome and heartfelt. Be bubbly or tender. Whichever way you go, whatever you’re working on, your video projects are limitless. There aren’t even licensing constraints! Read on to learn why, unlike those bundled tree lights, you won’t end up in a tangle with our Free Collection.


Industry-Leading Usage Rights

Santa’s stockists know their stuff. While most free sites don’t provide usage rights for freely downloadable content, all Pond5 assets from this collection come with our Individual License—giving you the broadest usage rights in the industry. So you can use all downloads for unlimited personal or business projects with worldwide distribution, for this holiday season and all those that come after.


The other FREE collection

The fun can continue even after January rolls around. Like the limited-time free Holiday Collection, our perpetual Free Collection is a one-stop destination for premium media of all types. However, this one’s open for business all year round! Head over to discover over 3,000 free videos, images, and music tracks, all with our standard individual license included. You can expect:

  • Unique aesthetics and captivating soundscapes by global professional artists.
  • Complimentary stock videos and images of trending topics in 4K and HD.
  • Music tracks across a wide range of tempos, styles, and genres, all free of charge.
  • Full permission for usage in commercial products.
  • Exposure to artists from around the world to inspire your future creative work.

There you have it. One extra special Free Holiday Season Collection for spreading good seasonal cheer, and one more Free Collection to remind you that with Pond5, you don’t stop scoring when Santa starts snoring.