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Coronation of King Charles III — Told Through the Lens


The first new monarch in a lifetime for all under the age of 70.

On September 8, 2022, the symbolic crown of the British monarchy passed to 74-year-old King Charles III as he and the world mourned the late Queen Elizabeth II. With the coronation ceremony set for Saturday, May 6, 2023, there’s no better time to open up our archives for scenes of the family that modernized the British monarchy. In this milestone media moment, we invite you to get royally mad about the royals, Prince Charles’s road to Westminster Abbey, the upcoming symbolic celebrations, and more.


Long Live the King

He has already made history as the first British prince to attend public school and the first UK royal to secure a university degree (in history, coincidentally).

1957 – Queen Elizabeth Ii And Prince Philip Drop Off Prince Charles At Cheam by retrofootage

At the coronation, King Charles will be the oldest British monarch ever crowned, next in line since he was three years old. Like his mother, who served in the military, he trained to become a jet and helicopter pilot and an accomplished diver.

Coverage of Prince Charles’ long road to Westminster Abbey is available in our curated media collection, with candid footage and images taken in times ranging from his earliest years to the most important ones yet.


Royal Family Through the Years

They have captured the public imagination like no other line and have done so for over 39 generations—that’s over 1200 years. While their significance has evolved over time, we cannot ignore the sheer history of such an institution. Each ruler has left their mark with the support of families who understood their obligations to the monarch and country.

Queen Victoria (1837 – 1901) ruled alongside her husband, Albert. Her death in 1901 left behind the most powerful British Empire there had been up until that point.

1901-Victoria I Of England / England / 1901 by TheArchivalCollection.

King Edward VII (1901 – 1910) succeeded his mother and enjoyed popularity during his rule over an Edwardian age remembered for its elegance.

1908 – King Edward Vii Of Britain 01 by VUSschneider.

King George V (1910 – 1936) became heir apparent when his older brother died. He married Princess Mary of Teck and ruled through the first World War. It was he who began the Christmas Day royal broadcasts in 1932.

Images Of King George V At Events And Touring In The 1910S And 1920S by retrofootage.

Edward VIII (June 1936 – abdicated December 1936) was Britain’s most popular Prince of Wales. However, when the church refused to crown Mrs. Wallis Simpson alongside him, he left the throne to his brother George VI (1936 – 1952)

King George Iv Receives His Crown, And Edward Viii Abdicates To Marry Wallis by retrofootage.

Queen Elizabeth II (1952 –2022)

Queen Elisabeth Ii Of England Adored By Her Royal Parents by VelvetMemories.

See more of the titular teams throughout the ages with this curated collection, with footage and images taken as far back as the camera could meet the crown.


The Coronation of Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth became the oldest and longest-reigning monarch in British history. At 70 years, seven months, and one day she outlasted her great great grandmother Victoria’s record of 63 years and 216 days.

Her coronation on June 2, 1953, was the first to be televised, and the nation watched as the Archbishop of Canterbury crowned Queen Elizabeth II with the revered St. Edwards crown—a solid gold frame set with gemstones, including emeralds, sapphires, tourmalines, aquamarines, peridot, and amethyst.

Uk: A Breath-Taking Display Of The Queen’s Diamonds Is On Public View by Reuters.

Presented with the formidable task of guiding the Kingdom through successes and setbacks on domestic and international fronts, she accepted the challenge while managing swift changes in populations, politics, and technology.

Join 27 million UK residents in watching official coronation footage, then dive into a treasure trove for priceless symbolic regalia marking the transfer of power and title worldwide.


Royals on Tour

Traveling has long been a significant aspect of noble life. Medieval monarchs traveled their realms to show their subjects they were still alive. These days, British nobility tour abroad to further British diplomatic interests and maintain relationships between the crown and Commonwealth countries. There’s something about seeing these people outside our imagined palace walls. Indeed, Queen Elizabeth II said: ‘I must be seen to be believed.’

Elizabeth II made many state and official visits throughout her reign, making her the most widely traveled head of state in history. She and Prince Philip visited India, for example. India welcomed Princess Diana and Prince Charles years later.

Princess Diana To Be Honoured With Statue On 60Th Birthday by Reuters.

Nowadays, Prince Charles samples perfume in the South of France with Queen consort Camilla Parker Bowles.

Britain’s Prince Charles, Duchess Of Cornwall Sample Perfume In South Of F… by Reuters.

Meghan and Harry have visited organizations in South Africa, while William and Kate visited Chocolate farms in Belize and tried archery in Bhutan. For more royals on tour, see this curated media collection.


The Royal Family In The News

The British royal family includes King Charles III, close relatives, and spouses. The establishment has published various lists delineating its members, and it is an entity that has seen multiple shifts of late.

2022: A Momentous Year For The British Royal Family by Reuters.

Official titles, present in the video above from left to right, include the Duchess of Gloucester, Duchess and Duke of Kent, Timothy Laurence and Princess Anne, the Queen Consort Camilla, King Charles III, late Queen Elizabeth, Prince Louis, Dutchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, William Prince of Wales, Countess of Wessex, Viscount Severn James, Lady Louise Windsor and Prince Edward the Duke of Edinburgh.

Each title holds roles and responsibilities in support of the Crown.

William And Harry Meet Reunite At Windsor Castle, Uk – 10 Sep 2022 by AssociatedNews.

Watch relatives supporting or stepping away in a collection featuring recent developments, public engagements, and official ceremonies.

What will happen next? We are about to embark on a new era, and time will tell what becomes of the monarchy under the rule of King Charles III. With our editorial partners such as Life, Reuters, and Newsflare on the scene, we look forward to sharing developments as they unfold.