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What is FPV Video? Here’s the Honey Sweet Answer


What the F-PV?

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even flying FPVs do it! Whether creature or camera, winged things get the best seat in the house, and it’s no wonder this type of drone shot is wildly popular among filmmakers when deciding on their point-of-view (POV). Different POVs can invoke various emotions in audiences, and the ‘first-person view’ of an FPV camera is known for providing a fully immersive, thrilling experience.

In this blog post, we’re showcasing FPV footage in our latest Pond5 in Action video, discussing its future implications for production, and comparing it with a similar genre of POV footage.


Pond5 in Action: FPV Honey Bee

Be the bee! Take wing for a sweet tale that’s a different kind of sting operation.

Pond5 in Action shorts are monthly stories to inspire creativity, featuring trending industry topics or techniques. FPV drones are becoming film’s new MVPs, so we knew we had this month’s concept waxed! Read on for behind-the-scenes insights from our Producer and Trends Specialist.


About the Video

Since FPV cameras burst on the mainstream scene with the DJI FPV in 2021 (and Avata in 2022), it was only a matter of time before our artist community populated the marketplace with some truly mind-blowing FPV shots. These shots got us thinking: FPV cameras are so agile that they almost fly like insects, specifically bees! With spring in full bloom across the northern hemisphere, it’s a perfect time to pair the season with this new perspective.


Focus on the Future

FPV footage is breaking new ground, so the near future is extremely exciting! Seeing what our artists create will be amazing as more people use FPV cameras in their productions. Nearly every “aerial” subject and environment previously shot with traditional drones can be redone from the FPV perspective, so there’s a ton of new subjects for contributors to cover!

In the long term, this type of footage will likely settle into a more niche style for storytelling. Movies, TV shows, and documentaries have yet to perfect their utilization of this footage. 2022’s The Gray Man is a great example of a Hollywood production using this style:



Pond5 Search Tips

When looking for FPV or POV videos to include in your projects, here are some points to keep in mind when entering phrases into our search box.

  • Use keywords like “FPV,” “POV drone,” “FPV drone,” “racing drone,” “fly through/under/by.”
  • Refine further by checking the “aerial” checkbox in the “additional filters.”



FPV is similar to the POV drone shot—however, the equipment makes the shooting experience quite different and leads to subtle variation in the feel of the scene too.

In short, an experienced pilot will find the FPV drone faster and more nimble/agile in movement and camera tilt, but only after mastering a steep learning curve. These FPV pilots view live video transmission from the drone’s camera on a monitor or video goggles, piloting as if they ‘are’ the drone. On the other hand, regular drones are slower and less agile. However, they are easier to learn with the pilot controlling their aircraft from their perspective on the ground. They are a more straightforward option for controlled, deliberate shots. Here are a few examples of each so you can see the difference.


FPV Examples

Fast Drone Fpv Flight In Logistic Center. Speed Motion View by america_stock.

Fpv Drone Aerial Footage Of Fireworks During Diwali In Varanasi, India by AdityaNayak.

Neuschwanstein Castle On A Sunny, Summer Evening In Germany – Fpv Drone by BlackBoxGuild.


POV Examples

View From Table Knife Perspective, It Approaches And Cuts Poached Egg On Toast by e_motion_media.

Driving In Deserted Urban Area At Night – Outside Pov by ADLFilms.

Point Of View Of Golden Eagle In Mongolia Flying by BlackBoxGuild.


Whether you go with FPV or traditional POV scenes, either option will bring audiences into your story in a way no other perspective can. Whether you’re into prolific pollinators or looking for something else, FPV scenes bring dynamic pacing and unique perspective to any project, including sizzle reels, music videos, action, or other high-energy scenes!

Explore all the Pond5 content used in our video and a dedicated FPV video collection filled with footage hand-picked by our expert curation team.