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How Stock Media Amplifies Healthcare Stories at Kaiser Permanente


While Kaiser Permanente has their own video production team on-staff, their work often needs to be supplemented by diverse stock assets. Pond5’s video and music libraries do just that.

Internal communications have the power to educate, inspire, and connect employees across departments, time zones, and projects. Internal websites, emails, and videos can make employees feel part of something bigger than themselves. These draw attention to company-wide initiatives and push the needle on changing corporate culture.

For the Multimedia Communications team at Kaiser Permanente (KP), their focus is to do exactly this. While they have access to excellent, custom-shot video assets for their creative work, the KP team sometimes does not have the opportunity to shoot everything they could possibly need. When this happens, they locate the perfect videos, music, and After Effects templates on Pond5 and incorporate the stock media into their healthcare stories.

Gayle Chin, Creative Director and Design Manager of Multimedia Communications at Kaiser Permanente explains how she and her team use Pond5 to bring their creative communications to the next level. Kaiser Permanente is one of the United States’ largest not-for-profit health plans, serving 12.6 million members, and Chin’s team’s creative work communicates these efforts to internal employees.

Chin and her team frequently leverage stock music and b-roll within custom films to tell stories within the large KP brand and network of professionals. These custom multimedia assets add context and dimension to each project, ensuring that every story is told exactly how it needs to be told. Stock imagery, b-roll, and music are also used by Chin’s team to enhance moods and underscore emotional beats. Here, Chin details how she and her team utilize Pond5 in their daily creative work stream.


Lifestyle Shots Add Dimension

Chin and her team have access to custom multimedia resources. These include footage of medical centers and healthcare professionals. They also have a dedicated team to create custom resources. While the Kaiser Permanente team has access to creative assets from their own internal work, they also need to access more creative content to supplement their projects. This is when they turn to Pond5.

People In Group Therapy Session Talk About Their Problems In Sunlit Room by hotelfoxtrot.

“We had one project to highlight a study using echocardiograms–we set up a website for participants to sign up and needed to explain the waiver process. So of course we didn’t have any assets,” said Chin, describing a time when her team relied on Pond5’s creative content library. “We needed to define things we didn’t have actual footage of . . . And we pulled a lot of b-roll from Pond5.”

What Chin wanted to highlight in the video were lifestyle shots of people exercising or eating well. She turned to Pond5 for b-roll of people in the kitchen, people exercising outside, and other content that could ladder into similar messaging surrounding healthy lifestyles.

Happy Asian Old Couple Jogging Outdoors In A Park by imtmphoto.

“We’re not going to film these things,” said Chin. “While we could, it’s cheaper to find it, rather than create it.”


Music Sets the Tone

Beyond stock footage to supplement their work, Kaiser Permanente’s Multimedia Communications team relies on Pond5’s music library as well.

“We definitely use a lot of the music through Pond5,” said Chin. “You always need to have some sort of theme music to get that emotional connection across.”

stock media in healthcare stories
Optimistic Acoustic (Positive Happy Inspirational Uplifting Guitar Background) by PremiumProductionTracks.

Her team edits music and video together, along with their own brand’s pre-existing content to create composite collages. When tied together with Kaiser Permanente branding, leveraging stock content evokes the exact moods and feelings their brand needs to achieve. For example, Chin recently combined Pond5 b-roll, music, and KP-created content to make an animated carousel video to feature on the company website.

“We pretty much used all stock b-roll, with one or two custom images,” said Chin. She says the end result gave the mood and feeling their website needed. This video was custom to the brand, all while using stock video and music to tell their story.


A Resource Creatives Can Rely On

With a constant stream of creative projects on her plate, Chin and her team are always balancing expectations from various stakeholders and departments. The use of stock media in healthcare stories is a perfect solution. Pond5 makes resourcing creative assets as easy as possible.

“We go into the Pond5 library . . . and we can build our own library of assets,” said Chin. She and her team save assets within inspiration folders, so they can easily access them for future projects. For Chin’s team, Pond5 is an always-reliable one-stop-shop, where finding and compiling creative assets is as easy as possible.

“It’s really easy to use,” said Chin when speaking of Pond5’s asset library. “You can build out your own library of stuff and have it ready-to-go. Or you can find your favorites very quickly.’

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