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This month, rediscover the Ford Motor Company, relive the magic of Elvis, learn the origins of Father’s Day, catch up with Lionel Messi, and celebrate the Bald Eagle’s flight to recovery!


June Events


Ford Motor Company Incorporated

June 16, 1903

When Ford Motor Company was incorporated, it was Henry Ford’s third vehicle manufacturing venture. The first, known as the Detroit Automobile Company, went bankrupt about 18 months after its starting. Ford would leave the second establishment, which became the Cadillac Motor Car Company, in early 1902. The first Ford car was assembled by a small team just one month after signing the Ford Motor Company’s papers. From the first humble plant in Detroit to Michigan’s massive industrial complex capable of unprecedented production, the company revolutionized transport and earned international fame. Follow the road pioneered by Ford and his successors with this Ford Motor Company curated media collection!


‘1930s – Ford auto bodies are put together on an assembly line at a manufacturing plant in Edgewater, New Jersey’ by retrofootage.


First Father’s Day Celebrated

June 19, 1910

Father’s Day is now widely observed for appreciating paternal figures and championing their societal role. But one must ask: who was the first lucky dad to unbox a soap on the rope or try on his new socks? While we can’t confirm the first gift received, we do know the man: William Jackson Smart. He was a civil war vet, farmer, and widower who raised his six children alone, including a daughter who sought to honor him. Sonora Louise Smart Dodd then dedicated her life to attaining national status for this holiday, which was signed into law by President Nixon in 1972. Enjoy this wholesome curated media collection with sentimental archival scenes celebrating fathers of years past.

‘Family Enjoy Meal Together’ 1949 by Government Footage.


Lionel Messi born

June 24, 1987

It didn’t take long for Lionel Andrés Messi to go from crib to club. He joined his first youth team in Argentina’s top division in 1995—impressing clubs on both sides of the Atlantic. Then, his family moved to Barcelona, where he rose through youth clubs to debut with FC Barcelona in a friendly match at age 16. His achievements and records include becoming the official youngest player and goal scorer in Spanish La Liga, the only footballer to win World Player of the Year four times, and the first male player to receive the World Cup’s Golden Ball after the 2022 World Cup. See the man in action with our Lionel Messi collection!

‘Messi Bids A Tearful Goodbye To Barca After 21 Years’ by Reuters.


Elvis Performs in Public For The Last Time

June 26, 1977

Thunderous applause erupted at Market Square Arena. According to fans, Elvis had passionately delivered a set of career-defining classics like “Jailhouse Rock,” “Hound Dog,” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.” However, critics argued the King could do better. Sadly, he passed away six weeks later. While this controversial concert showed how complicated his final years had become, he remains a cornerstone of the rock and roll era thanks to that voice, style, and stage presence. Relive the Memphis Flash magic with this curated Elvis Presley stock media collection.

‘1987 – Footage From Elvis’ Last Concert And His Funeral Are Shown’ by retrofootage.


Bald Eagle Taken Off Endangered Species List

June 28, 2007

These magnificent creatures are soaring toward recovery, true to the freedom they symbolize. Being one of North America’s largest birds of prey could not prevent their near extinction. The pesticide DDT had harmed their fertility and eggshells, while poaching, hunting, pollution, power line electrocution, and habitat destruction wreaked havoc. Thankfully in recent decades, restrictions banned commercial trapping and killing and the use of DDT, all supported by the 1973 Endangered Species Act. It’s a story of incredible progress, but many other gorgeous species still need our efforts. Get to know them inside our Endangered Species collection.

‘Red-Bellied Lemur, Endemic To Madagascar Rainforest, Clinging On The Tree’ by meyblume.


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