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5 Inspiring Motion Graphic Websites


In the mood for some inspiration? These 5 amazing motion graphic websites will definitely will put you in a creative mood.

Great designers are not created in a vacuum. As members of the design community, we can all benefit from building off of other designs we see to create something new. So, if you’re looking for some creative inspiration for your next project, check out these 5 awesome motion graphic websites.

1. Dribbble

Motion Graphic Websites: Dribbble

From the outside, Dribbble may seem like a website intended only for still design — but there are a lot of really great examples of motion design hidden in its pages if you just know where to look. Dribbble offers users the ability to sort designs based on color, programs used, and style. This feature makes it incredibly helpful if you have a particular design style in mind. Tags also make sorting through projects even easier, as you can quickly select the After Effects tab to see all projects created using AE.

Motion Graphic Websites: Dribble 2

Designs on Dribbble tend to veer toward the popular 2D flat look, but if you look around you can find inspiration across many different styles. Dribbble also has a section for finding artist meet-ups in your area. While most of these tend to be for still design, they’re nonetheless great ways to network and meet other talented artists in your area. Plus, when you’re looking for a job, you can simply navigate to the jobs section and sort by teams or individuals.

Like a designer’s style? You can contact them through Dribbble and start collaborating fast.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is a great place to find professional quality motion graphics. Compared to YouTube, the designers on Vimeo tend to be higher-quality and there are a lot of great places to find inspiring motion graphics — especially on the Vimeo Staff Picks page, where you can see hundreds of carefully curated examples of motion design and filmmaking.

Groups and channels are also a great way to find motion graphic inspiration, as they usually have a moderator that will judge whether a video is good enough before they are accepted. If you have a specific style you enjoy watching the most, you can set your video feed to show you only certain videos. So, for instance, if you like 3D Glitch Design, each video tagged you’ve tagged with your keyword will pop up in the news feed.

3. Behance

Motion Graphic Websites: Behance

Owned and operated by Adobe, Behance is probably the largest source of diverse inspiration on the internet. Users can search designs by field, including motion graphics, so you’ll only see projects that move. Unlike Dribbble, users can embed videos into their Behance pages so you don’t have to be directed to another website.

Motion Graphic Websites: Behance 2

Behance also tends to be very diverse in terms of design styles, making it a great place if you’re looking to be a well-rounded designer. Like Dribble, users can search for jobs or find potential designers for hire on Behance. We highly recommend checking out the motion design section, specifically the area dedicated to HUD design.

4. From Up North

Motion Graphic Websites: From Up North

If you are looking for highly curated content, then look no further than From Up North. Essentially, From Up North is a series of curated lists that are broken down into categories. Luckily for us, they have a motion graphics category where they share their favorite videos from around the internet.

Motion Graphic Websites: From Up North 2

You can also find various recommend resources and case studies designed to help you understand design on a fundamental level. If you are someone who enjoys great design and nothing else, check out From Up North.

5. Inspiration Grid

Motion Graphic Websites: Inspiration Grid

In line with From Up North is Inspiration Grid, a curated website that features only the best in still and motion design where you’ll find hundreds of examples of great work. The designs on Inspiration Grid are easy to understand and relatively minimal when compared to those found on Behance. However, that’s not to say they’re any less awesome.

Want even more motion design inspiration? Check out these five great resources:

Know of any other great places to find motion design inspiration? Share in the comments below.