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Using the Fast Color Corrector for White Balancing in Premiere Pro


This quick tip is perfect for quickly white balancing your footage in Premiere Pro.

When working on a project, you will always need to do some basic color correction, even if it’s simply going out on the web. However, if you’re short on time, there’s a handy tool in Premiere Pro that can kick your color correction into overdrive.

Let’s take a look at how to use the Fast Color Corrector to white balance in Premiere Pro. I prefer to use this method over the Auto Color effect because you have more control when you use the Fast Color Correct. Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Apply the Fast Color Corrector

Fast Color Corrector Demo

Apply the Fast Color Corrector effect to your footage or images. The effect can be found in the Effects/Presets browser in Premiere Pro. Simply drag and drop the effect onto your footage.

Step 2: Select the White Portion of Your Scene

Fast Color Corrector Demo 2

Using the eyedropper tool, select a white portion of your scene. Typically the best place to sample is a white sky or white clothing. Keep in mind that if the white portions of your scene are too blown out, they won’t have enough color detail to use the Fast Color Corrector.

Step 3: Adjust as Needed

Fast Color Corrector Demo 3

After you adjust the white balance portion of your scene, your footage should be pretty close to white balanced. However, you may need to adjust the scene by hand to get it just right. You can also use the levels effects in the Fast Color Corrector to adjust your white and black points as needed. If your camera settings are consistent between shots, you can copy and paste the effect onto other clips in your timeline.

Here’s a quick example of the final image. The before is on the right and the after is on the left.

Before and After Fast Color Correction