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The Game-Changing Title Work of Elastic


Elastic’s incredible work on title sequences and marketing campaigns for both film and television have turned them into an industry leader. Let’s take a closer look.

Animation, broadcast design, editorial work, visual effects — production studio Elastic can do it all, though they are most known for being experts at film/television marketing and branding. Led by industry veterans Patrick Clair, Melissa Eccles, Andy Hall, and Oscar-winning editor Angus Wall, Elastic’s talent is responsible for some of the most memorable opening title sequences of all time. Let’s take a look at their long history of amazing work.

Angus Wall

Angus Wall began editing commercials for acclaimed director David Fincher in 1988 and eventually cut the opening title sequence of Se7en in 1995. While Kyle Cooper directed the titles for R/Greenberg Associates, it was the staccato editing of Angus Wall that really made this piece so chilling.

Video Courtesy of Ryan Mayer.

This was the first major title sequence developed by Wall and a production that gained him high praise. Wall went on to cut many films for David Fincher and won Oscars for editing The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Aside from these amazing accomplishments, Wall directed the title sequences for The Leftovers, The Americans, Deadwood, and Carnivàle. Arguably, his best known work is the opening title sequence for the HBO original series, Game of Thrones.

Video Courtesy of GameofThrones.

Patrick Clair

Patrick Clair is an LA-based director and creative director who has done work for MTV, NBC, ABC, and Ubisoft. Perhaps his best-known title sequence is the opening of True Detective, Season One.

Video Courtesy of HBO.

While True Detective makes incredible use of the double-exposure technique usually reserved for photography, it also employs a great deal of 3D composites as you can see in this breakdown from Art of the Title. This experience came in handy when developing the 3D animated titles of Marvel’s Daredevil.

Video Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

More Work by Elastic Talent

Angus Wall and Patrick Clair aren’t the only talented filmmakers working through Elastic. There are several amazing artists producing award-winning content for the agency. Let’s take a look at some of the very best and latest work to come from the studio, starting with a little magic.

The History of Magic in North America

Directed by Andy Hall, this promotional piece is for the upcoming stories written by J.K. Rowling. This piece is an incredibly well-developed and animated promo that utilizes some amazing physics and effects.

Video Courtesy of Elastic.

Turkish Air: Gotham Adventure

During the Super Bowl, fans went crazy for a Turkish Air commercial that was really a promotional piece for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Directed by Patrick Murphy, this promo piece may not seem like like a big deal, but just take a second to look through the unbelievable work that went into recreating Gotham City. There are some truly amazing composites in this short piece.

Video Courtesy of Elastic.