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5 More Marvelous Superhero VFX After Effects Tutorials


Good news! You no longer need a radioactive spider bite or secret government serum to turn yourself into a superhero. These After Effects tutorials will give you the powers you’ve always dreamed of.

Not even going to hide my feelings — I love watching superhero VFX After Effects tutorials and blockbuster breakdowns. Not only do you learn how filmmakers and VFX artists create big action pieces, you also get to learn how other creators use the tools in AE in ways you had never before imagined.

Much like our last roundup of superhero VFX tutorials, these videos will help you become a real After Effects master.

1. Doctor Strange Shield

Become Doctor Strange with this After Effects tutorial from PremiumBeat. You can even follow along with free footage and a free element from our Radium pack — which includes 120 4K lens flares. Head over to PremiumBeat to download the free assets.

2. Superhero Landing

Everyone loves a good superhero landing — especially Deadpool. In this Video Copilot tutorial, you’ll see how Andrew Kramer and crew put together an epic superhero landing with a twist.

3. Scarlet Witch’s Mystic Energy Hex-Spheres

In this After Effects tutorial form Lone Archer Films, you’ll see how to recreate the Scarlet Witch’s mind control powers. Download the project file from Lone Archer Films’ YouTube description. You’ll need Trapcode Particular to create the effect — fortunately, you can get a free trial from Red Giant’s site.

4. X-Men: Storm’s White Eyes

In this Shutterstock After Effects tutorial, you’ll learn how to do an eye replacement to give your actor Storm-like white eyes. This one also includes a free project file and assets that you can download here.

5. The Flash’s Lightning Speed 

In another tutorial from Lone Archer Films, you’ll learn how to recreate the Flash’s speed effect from the television series. To do so, you’ll need to download the free Strike pack from Lone Archer Films’ video description.