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21 of the Best After Effects Tutorials


Improve your workflow with some of the most helpful After Effects tutorials of the past few weeks.

Top image via G-Eazy.

Whether you’re an experienced motion graphics guru or just starting out, you can find helpful content thanks to some of YouTube’s top creators. Let’s take a look at some of the best, most thorough explanations and walkthroughs for projects in After Effects.

Getting Started

If you’re an avid Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X user, After Effects can seem like a daunting program. Cinecom explores what you should expect when working with the program’s interface for the first time. They also dive into creating your first project by demonstrating how to work with layers, keyframes, blend modes, and the basics of animating text.

Text Tutorials

Before your next heavy edit, spend a few minutes with this basic overview tutorial on how to create unique and inspiring titles in After Effects. I’ve been guilty of throwing a title together rather quickly in Premiere Pro because I didn’t want to to deal with After Effects and animation. However, a good title and animation can boost your video’s quality almost instantly. Here are a few other title-based tutorials to check out.

Playing with Your Images

In the same vein as some recent viral music videos, Justin Odisho will teach you how to create a bobble-head effect. This is just one example of the image manipulation available in After Effects. Several channels and websites like VideoCopilot, PremiumBeat, and even right here at RocketStock, offer exceptional tutorials that demonstrate different action and VFX techniques for After Effects users. Here are a few other tutorials that detail how to create “interacting” effects.

Moving Objects and Titles

Another way to boost the production value and general appeal of your work is by adding text, titles, screens, and graphics into the environment of your composed shot. These techniques add a sense of depth and engagement to your video with a slight futuristic touch. For further exploration into the world of integrated texts and images, here are some breakdowns for creating the effect.